Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rocky Horror Show Live at Cranford Dramatic Club

"Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab!" Yes, Frank N. Furter will be making a man in New Jersey starting this weekend. Cranford, NJ's non-profit dramatic club has been entertaining audiences for 94 years, making it the longest continuously producing community theater in the state of New Jersey. The theater has a rich history and I'm eager to see their upcoming stage production of one of my favorite Halloween time traditions, Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show which premieres this Friday night!

CDC will also feature a special midnight performance of The Rocky Horror Show on 10/27. For more about show times, tickets, and directions to the theater visit and support local theater!!


Anonymous said...

Went to the 8PM show. The crowd was expecting Shakespeare. We got SHUSHED for yelling lines to the actors. Absolutely the WRONG place to see RHPS!!

Jay Amabile said...

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the stage show is a different animal than the shadowcast of the movie at a midnight showing. Many actors become familiar with the script of the play and don't have knowledge of the replies that the audience shouts in the movies like "SLUT" and all that stuff. I'm a huge fan of RH and I don't even remember all of them so you can imagine an actor who isn't necessarily familiar with them getting tripped up when the audience is shouting back at them with stuff they never heard of. The same went for the show when it was on Broadway. I saw it several times and there was a message that this was NOT the same type of thing as the movie. People who go to see local theater are often family members of the actors and chances are that they aren't familiar with Rocky Horror either.

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